Specializing in Civil and Criminal Appeals, serving the greater Houston area
Specializing in Civil and Criminal Appeals,serving the greater Houston area

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"I am presently involved in the appeal of a federal civil rights case. Along with my primary attorney, I have enlisted Ms. Contreras to write the brief to the appellate court. Ms. Contreras thoroughly reviewed the evidence, expertly utilized the case law and wrote a brief in which her analysis was so complete yet simple as to be brilliant. As I read each of her subsequent drafts reducing a complicated matter to such a simple and highly viable analysis, I erased any personal doubt the district court ruled improperly and am fully confident we will prevail. I do not hesitate in recommending Ms. Contreras to write and present any brief to any court of the United States."
Dr. William Windham


Susan is my appeals attorney. What really makes her stand out is that she reads all of the evidence and learns your story. She is excellent at attention to detail. Susan is great at communicating and keeping you up to date on whats going on with your case. She is very compassionate and does what's right. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

Ryan K.


Ms. Contreras is handling an appeal for a co-defendant/appellant challenging a substantial judgment involving a civil RICO claim. The issues are complex and the evidence voluminous. Despite the challenges, Ms. Contreras spotted the most salient issues for appeal and presented them with appropriate brevity and directness such that I found her arguments very persuasive.

R. Morris


Very bright. She took my case and was very quick to pick up on the facts and nuances. She prepared a detailed, well-researched brief that should leave no doubt on my side of the appeal. I recomment her highly.

Cheryl C.

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